Advent Vega Tetra Note 7


Just a couple of weeks ago, Currys PCWorld announced a flash sale of the new 7 inch tablet coproduced by themselves and Nvidia, the Advent Vega Tegra Note 7, slashing the price almost in half to the same price as the Moto G £99 ($162).

I had enjoyed a couple of decent reviews of the tablet in the month prior to the sale, thinking the launch price of £180 was quite reasonable for the new Tegra 4 chip I desired, but at that time it remained out of my financial reach.

Then christmas week I saw an article on one of my morning android news tralls, about the sale. I knew I had to get one.

So yep, very glad I did its great. It feels a lot like the Galaxy Tab 7 2.0 felt last year, solid with a weight that I always associate with quality. Some reviews since have slated the build quality, I can’t really concur with that as I don’t agree. Do clicky buttons make it poorly built?


The screen brightness is another area of contention in reviews. I find it better than fine and can be slightly cheered up by disabling the nVidia PRISM feature. Though I’m used to mid range devices, so that could explain my forgiving stance with these things. I would probably be a lot more critical of something that had cost me hundreds as most new devices do.

It seems very small in the hand, much less useless black plastic bezel surrounding the screen than many I’ve sampled. It is almost all.screen and seated either side are the nVidia Boomsound© speakers. Nice.

This ‘Boomsound’ has me calling this The HTC One of 7 inchers – Until there actually is a One tablet (One Max doesn’t count its a phone). I guess front facing speakers will become standard and if not, why not. They really work.

Its only 720p. Not amazing by any means, I’m sure the Tegra 4 can manage full hd, but battery life would suffer greatly. Its about a balance isn’t it?

Users tend to expect everything from mobile devices these days, I am no different, does everyone have money to burn on the top end handsets? What surprises me is that everything is still expected of every device regardless of cost. Like a £100 handset/tablet will ever match a £600-£700 one? Again its about a balance, of cost  VS Usefulness this time.

The stylus was the other big ‘draw’ of this tablet besides the Tegra 4 chip, having never used a Note, I’ve always been a tad envious of that S-Pen and its many possible uses. A far cry from Windows Mobile and its almost useless, horrid little pointy sticks! This stylus is like a full on felt tip pen minus the ink, a chisel tip one end, fat and flat marker on the other (Used also as an eraser during drawing).
I’m sure the stylus here isn’t anywhere near the level of Samsung’s implementation, more of an art tool with a couple of gimmicky features added, but the possibilities are there and I’ve read that the 4.3 update adds to these features already so there is hope of more to come. Although the system senses the removal of the pen, unless u want to draw, write or take a pic of part of the screen you will be simply sticking it back in. I feel the engineers really need to emphasise the stylus and make it part of the system to avoid being labelled “just another 7 inch tablet”.

At £99 or even £129.99 as it is at present, the Advent Vega Tegra Note 7 represents a superb option to the cash-strapped such as myself and has at least, the processor to get it through 2014.

Rated **** @ndroidlove2014

Make more of the stylus to get the fifth * please nVidia.


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