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A self confessed android fanatic, I’m always eyeing up my next droid. Be it a phone, tablet or more recently a watch, if I’m not doing some sort of android based personal project, then I’m reading about other users projects and devices. I’m not a coder or anything interesting, just an ex truck driver with a strong draw to gadgets and a love of the droid.


I live in the middle of England, things are expensive here and wages are not enough to live comfortably, let alone pay almost a months wages for a phone! Its just not possible and as budget options are rarely given a second look by most android sites and blogs (they seem like porn for rich nerds to me sometimes), I wanted to see a more down to earth view expressed.

I’m on my 24th android device since the beginning of 2009 , most of them mid to low spec some were even originally on windows mobile (yuck!) and converted to android via the amazing Xda Developers forums. Over four years of flashing this and that I came to one conclusion. That nobody, (in the android world at least) is ever completely satisfied.

Value is my quest these days, I like to keep as up to date as I can of course but the things I use the OS most for; namely games, media and web are pretty much well taken care of by most devices these days even the lower spec’d. Its just a matter of how many bells and whistles one could afford or wish to have, something Samsung owners should know all about.

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