What’s to Love?

androidlove2014 is a blog on my favourite subject, the Android OS from the viewpoint of a longtime user of budget and mid-range devices.

Devices, Apps, Features and Accessories are the constant topic here. I’ve been using android since it arrived in 2008 keen to escape the iPrison I had encapsulated myself in at the time.


I believe I have grown with the software and the many excellent websites concerned with Android continue to feed my thirst for all things ‘droid’.

My original quest in 2000 was for a umpc capable of everything but mostly media, go back 10 years and this wasn’t really possible. We had Windows Mobile which could handle some basic document stuff but sucked for media, then the original iPhone came bringing media rich apps and real finger friendly screens but it couldn’t do much productivity wise. Oh the sacrifice’s we had to make as users.

Fast forward to today and a lot of barriers have been removed in terms of making the great things first seen in the original iPhone available to the everyday user, instead of the exclusive club it once was.

When I recall the HTC Universal (Xda Exec) costing £500+ on release and how I longed to own one. Apply that money to today’s handsets I would be looking around the Xperia Z Ultra – Htc One Max bracket for that money, that’s one hell of a leap in hardware! Mind blowing.

Well that’s the intro, I have owned 24 or so androids since the start of 2009 and tinkered obsessively software wise, with many of them. These days I don’t feel the need to tinker too much as the OS is near perfect in my view, and the small amount of exclusivity once found in custom ROMs has waned with both the commercialisation of CyanogenMod and the adopting of stock android by more OEMs.Not too mention the huge influx  of high level hardware at low level prices. See Moto G and Tegra Note

There are very few benefits of custom roms these days (Paranoid Android’s UI selector aside), just the likelyhood of instabilities and bugs. I would only advise a trying a custom if stuck on an outdated and no longer supported handset as alot can be gained sometimes. But I strongly believe as the fragmentation problem shrinks so will the need for customs.

So anything over a year old these days.

I hope we all have the opportunity to own our own Ultimate Droid.



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