Angry Birds GO!


I never enjoyed a “kart” racing game until I played this,  I used to avoid them actually, preferring realism to cartoons being the main reason.

This game is so much fun, it has taken many hours from me over the last month, so many I’ve lost count infact. I never saw the point of a Rovio Account before this game, but it is an important addition if you want to play on more than one device or regularly play with no data connection as it keeps your progress and unlocks synced up real nice. It has some seriously nice graphics, some fun music and familiar sounds but maybe most important is the gameplay.

I’m not a fan of In App Purchases, I understand why they are there of course but, does every single thing need to be for sale? They lure you in with a Free game, which turns out not to be “Free” at all. When I want to pay for stuff I would prefer to have the option of a ‘paid version’ rather than buying this and that and ending up spending close to the price of a fully fledged console game, I guess they got to make their money somewhere.

I am currently trying to earn the 23,000+ coins I need to buy the basic Kart for the 4th section called ‘Stunt’, by clearing previous challenges rounds – not by paying the £7.36 required! You can see how quickly this could get expensive.

That’s my only niggle, I thank Rovio massively for all the work and for the finished game and hope they continue to add content.
Advertising “Multiplayer Coming Spring 2014”, it looks like they will and I look forward to some Online mayhem very soon thereafter.

Waiting for a fixed release of SEGA’s Sonic Racing: Transformed before deciding if Angry Birds GO! Really is the King of Mobile Kart Racers.

***** @ndroidlove2014

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