The Alps e1921/Hero N7100


A capable 5.3 inch phablet for £85.
Yes, I was as shocked as I was when I first saw the Zapruder film (JFK -Huge fan), at the quality of China’s knockoff’s today. These things have so many names and model variations now its almost impossible to know what you are holding for sure.

This time I consider myself lucky, having bought from China 3 times before and been left feeling robbed twice I am wary but with the rate of progress and components costing less and performing better, not to mention the wealth of amazing Chinese manufacturers such as Huawei, Lenovo and ZTE (well known here in UK) and Xiaomi and Yulong soon to emerge in the west. You have to have a little faith these days.

Its a 5.3 inch lcd with 960×540 resolution, just under 200ppi but its a great looking screen at this pricepoint honestly, next to a 720p lcd its not easy to see a difference. And its huge.


I apologise for the image, my wife doesnt put it down these days, so its difficult for me to capture it!

I compared it briefly to the real deal Note 2 briefly when my father had one a few months ago, aesthetically its almost identical bit thicker, no S-Pen of course and internally completely inferior, but surprisingly good all the same. You can get one of these and a 32gb micro sd for under £100!

From past experience, the android version on these Chinese handsets can be very hit and miss often being a mish mash of this and that finished off with a meaningless version number. Thankfully this is just 4.1.1 jellybean with a Touchwiz ripoff skin layer (none of the bloat Yay! or extra features unfortunately.) Launcher app. The ‘Mushroom Day’ Livewallpaper was an unexpected treat though.


Here is an example of this handset.

Under the hood, its a MediaTek 6577 dual core @ 1Ghz with 1gb ram, adequate for most tasks I had no problems during my 2-3 months of exclusive usage. I didn’t test it for games or streaming though as no wifi was available to me. But I wouldn’t be expecting the top end games such as Real Racing 3, to play well if at all.

The handset comes with some poor earphones enough said, but TWO batteries and TWO back covers one has the sammy-esq flip to cover the screen and everything has the android logo in some form or other, the backs, the flip, even the batteries. Its like android actually manufactured this stuff. Not expensive parts by any means but as a massive android fan I found these details delightful, and it makes the package all the more impressive for the money. The batteries are susurprisingly good too, supposedly 2100mah I have regularly had a day and a half to two days between charges.

Its dual sim also, giving you more options in terms of data allowances and communicational flexibility. HSPDA+ works great as does wifi and bluetooth.

The camera is apparently 8mpx, I’m none too sure of that but I wouldn’t be expecting wonders at this price anyway. That said though, it does produce reasonable results and has flash so useful as a torch too!

All in All, I would use this again in a heartbeat and recommend it to others as a budget option. Its great for web, media and productivity and its size means I no longer feel any benefit in picking up a 7″ tablet. Currently my wife uses this phone day to day for this exact reason.

The only thing I would say derogatory of this handset, though this applies to most if not all of these un-branded clones.
“Don’t be afraid to be abit rough with the screen.”
The most expensive part of any mobile device, the display is often degraded to save money I guess the things are two a penny in china. Its accurate but often needs a weak poke or jab rather than a touch or tap, to respond.

Here is the slighlty older 512mb ram version on XDA Developers.

More examples here using different brand/model name but identical handset.

**** @ndroidlove2014

Having a lower quality screen at this pricepoint is no reason to hate, the resolution is adequate and it handles everything the average dual-core handset can handle but its phablet sized so the media experience is greatly improved, especially for extended periods, I had no issues watching an hour and a half movie. Something to be said for a pocketable device. And at around a 5th the price of the best selling phablets out there.

Don’t be afraid to try budget options, the competitiveness of the industry is forcing small manufacturers to improve or die

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