What was YOUR first droid?


This is the original 7 inch ‘Rockchip’ tablet from back in 2009, my first android device.


It was a good 14mm thick – Something you would never see these days, a real chunky ‘slate’. Resistive screen technology of course, again not seen for a good couple of years now thankfully. Laughably the rk2048 1ghz CPU inside it was advertised as being a ‘dual core’ simply because it had a separate GPU! LOL.

We can laugh at the tech now, but go back 4 years and this wasn’t that bad, it could handle almost all video (Non HD of course) and the sound was decent. The original Angry Birds! was the best it could handle in terms of games though, android wasn’t really equipped for gaming then like it is today.

It had no Bluetooth, so I used a Sony Bluetooth transmitter dongle which at least enabled wireless audio. Micro SD slot and USB On The Go were there and worked well, fortunate as it only had 256mb of RAM and 2gb user allocated storage onboard. Though back then on android 1.5 ‘Cupcake’, apps were tiny in size and limited in functionality so this wasn’t a huge problem.

Costing £109.99 direct from Shenzhen, at a time when the iPhone 2g dominated ‘smart’ devices and tablets had only just started to emerge, I am happy to have had the experience.

Today I could buy a true quad core with a 72 core GPU for the same money (see Tegra Note 7).

Thank you progress.


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