EA Games Dungeon Keeper.


When I first read on Android Central that Dungeon Keeper was now available Worldwide on Android, I was a little excited. I had spent a good few hours with the PC version probably 10 or so years ago, and had found it to be a very unique game and it had been the only RTS/RPG type game I could spend more than 5 minutes on before getting bored (FPS and Racing all the way!) I was keen to see if it was still worth a look on my favourite OS android.


Here we have my dungeon or ‘Lair’ in its recent form, you can see near the top center of the screen I have no ‘Gems’ available. This is where the issue’s begin as this is the game ‘currency’ in DK.



First off I feel quite strongly about this next screenshot, it shows us the prices of the ‘currency’ or Gem packs and Yes those are the real prices. That’s right, for a cool £70 you can get yourself 14,000 pretend jewels that enable you to actually PLAY the game.

Needless to say, I haven’t paid a penny and I sincerely doubt I ever will. – This is an Android BUDGET blog after all and with that £70 I could buy a reasonable handset or tablet these days. After reading the Tech Radar scathing review, I felt I had to have my say although my views concur with theirs totally the screenshots I’ve included really show what we’re both saying.

I enjoyed this game for the first couple of hours, then it quickly becomes clear that unless u spend real money, you’re going to be stuck waiting and waiting and repeating the same ‘Raid’ over and over (if you have the gold that is), because your traps or rooms or minions are not upgraded or trained enough. Its frustrating to say the least.

You are given 500 gems to start with, which goes almost nowhere, you must get the 2nd ‘Imp’ (your right-hand minion) or the waiting will be twice as much and a 3rd Imp will rob you of 800 gems (if you have them).

All in all, the ‘Horned Reaper’ leaves you feeling like you are his minion. All you get is “Buy more gems Keeper” and “Upgrade your blah blah”, I really gave it some time the first couple of days but have not touched it since as the nostalgic feelings I once had for DK have been soured by this InAppPurchase nonsense. Either its free or it isn’t and this isn’t.

Overall the graphics are as good as the original and touch controls don’t hurt it at all. I missed the ability to pick up my minions during a raid and drop them in defense-needing areas (they just seem to clear the room they are deployed in, then stand there while the Dungeon Heart is destroyed- frustrating again) and overall the costs of playing for any length of time, out way the experience in terms of enjoyment and entertainment. That’s what games are meant to be isn’t it?

They should of just kept it all free but charged £5 for the game I think, these in app purchases feel like they are there for 2 kinds of person – Those who TRULY love the game and are willing to pay good money for pretty much nothing AND have the money to waste. And those who do not know what IAP’s are or how to use them (such as minors), this to me feels abit wrong.

We’ve all heard of the kid who ran up a £200 bill on daddies iPad playing some IAP laden cash-sucker.

*** @ndroidlove2014

Know what you are buying before you buy and you will be fine.


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