8 Ball Pool by Miniclip


Hmmm Miniclip’s 8 Ball Pool where do I start? I’m sure there have been simple pool games like this before, though I can’t remember the names. Maybe this type of game will inevitably lose both appeal and  players over time without some incentives added – I don’t know. One thing I do know is that this is hot right now and maybe that’s all one needs to kno.


The game is slick whilst remaining simple and highly addictive to boot. Very close to how Cue Club used to be on old PC’s some 10-15 years ago, maybe nostalgia has had its way with me again. The ‘old ones are the best’ was never more true than here, granted it has some IAP’s like almost every other game on a mobile today, but they are the right ones in my opinion. Meaning they are optional, extras that merely add some individuality such as a fancy cue. Not expensive, barrier- lifting compulsories that, without purchase leave the player stuck.


There are mini games, such a ‘1 armed bandit’ and scratch cards and these are fun but apart from the odd free spin or scratch, extra turns have to be purchased from your in game earnings (pretend cash and coins), of which 25 free coins are yours to claim every 60 minutes. If you are not online to claim them the timer simply resets, preventing anyone from amassing a free fortune in coins. The spoils must be won in this game.


I don’t know who would spend a real £70 on a pretend £1000. Would you?


I could see why people wouldn’t like this game though, those who aren’t very good at pool or knowing a wee bit about angles or pool ball physics maybe, would quickly lose the coins they start with and without actually winning games, buying coins is the only answer.

I got this game about a week ago and have spent probably close to 5 hours playing 1on1 online, I’ve reached level 12 on my Google+ account only to find you can’t add friends from Google+. You must create a ‘Miniclip ID’ and then search for the required Nickname, its really easy but again I’m getting tired of having to create a new account on every companies’ server for every damn app I install and if I decide I no longer want to use the app I’ve got little accounts and details stored who knows where by who knows who. Its annoying.


So I had to start again as my 58 year old father who lives 40 miles away, took my recommendation to try this game and now is regularly beating me on a daily basis! I’m up to level 11 again and he is fast approaching level 9. We don’t get to see each other too much so this interaction has been a godsend to us really has.


As you level up (by winning obviously), you will unlock new locations with themed tables, such as London, Sydney, Moscow, Vegas, Tokyo and Jakarta.


Even offline this game has much to offer, the Quickfire mode is excellent as both training and entertainment although it will cost you 1 hours free coins each time you start.



In closing, this game really excels in pretty much every way in my opinion, what surprised me greatly is that it uses almost no data to play over 3g or HSPDA literally kilobytes. I would love some more chat options that’s all I would ask for in terms of changes, and maybe the ability to alter cue pitch.



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