Moto G’nius A personal review.

When I first read that Motorola were to release a budget handset, a handset based on its Moto X a handset I had read countless reviews raving about. I was a little interested to say the least.


I read originally it would be a dual-core 1.2ghz Snapdragon which whilst not being overly exciting to a Htc One X owner, for the price they were touting I considered it to be the best backup I could hope for (I dislike the non removable battery idea google is pushing massively, power devices like the ones we use today consistently need more juice than their batteries can provide and “all day useage” is a prized selling point for any manufacturer bold enough to claim such a feat). The One X’s achilles heel is its battery as most people kno, so I always llike to have a backup handset aswell as the battery case, but thats another story.

As it drew closer to its release in November last year, more reviews came all tipped with sweetness plus the news that it was in fact a quad-core inside, and as a lover of Motorola from as back as the d170 flipphone in the late 90’s I just had to see the hype.


Its an excellent build, understated but modern looking a lot like the recent Nexus handsets. Of course flair in design usually comes at a premium and what they’ve done here for the price should be commended not picked apart. It is super comfortable to hold, that must be said, it feels thinner than it is because of its curved rear ‘shell’ yet light and solid as a higher level handset usually does. I especially love the Moto symbol on the back, its a concave circle the size of a fingertip. My first finger automatically goes to this everytime i pick it up. Coincidence? The only negative comment I have is that it can be slippery, more than once I’ve found myself in a mad scrabble to stop it being dropped. Hopefully this is fixed by getting a replacement “shell”, at the price of them I would expect it to be so.

This handset is so close to being as good as the Htc One X its astounding at the price. Go back just over a year and the One X was up there fighting with the Galaxy s3 for the 2012 crown. Sadly it came 2nd in the end, it was also still selling for £300-£400 back then too.
Says a lot for progress I’m sure you will agree, that a handset with equal specs can now be bought straight out sim-free for £99 and not only that but it will get updated past 4.2! (Tut tut HTC)


Update 04/01/14: Today Cult of Android award the Moto G the 3rd position in its Best of 2013 article, that is just astonishing for a £99 phone. Everyone should have a Moto G.

Read it here;
Cult of Android: Best Android Smartphones Of 2013 [Roundup] Click to read.

Excellent review here too;

Thanks for viewing, written on the Moto G using Quickoffice, Google Drive and the fabulous WordPress of course. Yay!

14/01/14 Update: UK Moto G owners can get the KitKat (4.4.2) update now, I have just received the notification myself on Tesco Mobile UK, its a 188mb download.



4.4.2 Kitkat on the Moto G

Faster and lighter, more functionality and more beauty that’s how I would some up the update. I’m always abit reluctant to update anything these days as with new software there are often issues with app compatibility if not the OS itself. Not to mention the hassle of having to re setup my device and redownload and install a bucket load of stuff and probably having to go through countless Password Reset screens for apps I no longer remember the credentials for – after the full wipe often required.

USBdisk storage enabled

No wipe needed here thankfully, even downloaded over HSPDA as WiFi wasn’t available. I just discovered USB-OTG is enabled on this excellent handset, (the features just keep coming!) The latest update received 25 February fixes the functionality. If only mhl were enabled too we’d have a real powerhouse of a phone for under £100!! Come on moto, its a quad-core surely its do able?


UPDATE 28/02: I decided I needed to unlock my Moto G to free myself of expensive data cost’s, I found a superb seller on eBay I wanted to share.

strong>mobunlockingmaster provided an absolutely excellent service in less than an hour for the princely sum of £2! And saving me a small fortune over the years to come.



Great handset, Great price and in my view a GREAT manufacturer in Motorola.

***** @ndroidlove2014


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