Firstly the Nokia X or Normandy, has broken cover with specs and rough pricing from the east. Judging by the articles, I’m assuming higher specs were expected? It equates to around the £70 mark but I wouldn’t be surprised if this becomes £100 when it finally reaches these shores. I am excited to see what Nokia does with the limited specs that have been disclosed, and even more excited at the news that this handset will apparently be shipped with 4.4.2 Kitkat!

They may turn out to be false though in my view, as the Normandy will only have 512mb of RAM jellybean is likely, but if there was ever a time to prove Google’s claims that the latest version will still run efficiently on limited (or older) hardware – This must surely be it.

I’m hoping it looks like the mockups really, a windows phone Lumia-esq design with a real mobile OS like android would be welcomed by us most definitely and I am seriously intrigued by the term ‘heavily modified OS’ can’t wait to see the results. But slightly less impressed that there will be no Google Play Store installed out of the box. Hate having to tinker just to get basic features that’s why I stick to stock android where possible.

Surprised as we are they aren’t going for it with their opener, the news Nokia are planning multiple android releases this year is a clear pointer this is just a toe in the water for them. Personally, I hope they find it warm and then go for a skinny dip, as surely the oldest, most experienced phone manufacturer still operating today. Nokia I for one have missed you.

Hit the link below for Cult of Android page.

Cult of Android: Nokia X ‘Normandy’ Full Specs Revealed By @evleaks.

UPDATE 24/02: Mobile World Congress in Barcelona has brought us these great shots of not just the X but the Nokia XL also, sporting a 5 inch IPS panel the XL is marked as €109 (£89) which to me sounds excellent dispite its weak points.

The Nokia X revealed

The 5 inch Nokia XL

Thanks to Android Central for these pictures.


Read BBC News on these releases;


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