Most Anticipated of 2014

What are you looking forward to in android this year?



Google Glass for everyone would be nice?

4k resolutions in phones?

Folding Displays maybe?

Octa-core processors for all?

64bit Android?

Top end pricedrops definately?

Series 6 android figures?

A particular handset, tab,  accessory or software addition?

Me too. In particular the Archos smartwatches are high on my list, reasonable brand and price expected to be around £50-£125 
Asus Padfone Mini is close behind, this could be fantastic if it stays true to the projected £150 mark a reasonably specced 4 inch phone and a 7 inch dock from a name like Asus, in one package. Well worth a look I think.

As ever, hoping for more Big game releases in the coming year, GTA San Andreas was a supreme addition to the library, but we need a lot more if android is going to excell in all areas. Especially FPS genre. Multiplayer is essential.

Looking out for Brothers In Arms 3: Sons of war –  Gameloft Who else?

Handset wise, the Nokia X is on definitely on my list. Rumoured to be around the £70 mark (TBC in the UK with VAT etc likely bumping this to £99.99), modest specs are almost certain making it less desirable especially if the price is raised. Guess its just the tantalising notion of a Nokia/Android marriage, its been a long time coming. With Nokia now the property of Microsoft, this feels like it would be a unique device in its own right. Like an iPhone running Windows Phone 8 would be.

Looking forward to see the ‘heavily modified version of Kitkat’ the Nokia X is said to run and assuming the official Google Play Store is easily added, this could sell a shedload in many countries giving Nokia a new global customer base and bringing the Worlds oldest smartphone OEM back to the forefront of its industry. Apparently the first of four android devices to come from the Finnish giant possibly this year, I cant help but feel positive for them. Amen to that.

So much to look forward to then. This year is sure to be a big one for phones and tablets and since the Moto G took the World by storm three months ago, more and more manufacturers are going for the budget market meaning more choice for those not wanting to couple a contract or a huge hole in their wallets, with a flagship or mid to high end purchase.

Interested to see what Lenovo intend to do with Motorola, both companies produce some beautiful tech and this could be a marriage made in heaven. I would like to see something similar happen to HTC and hopefully bring them back to life, its hard to imagine such a giant struggling and shrinking year on year.

Please add your comments, I’d like to make some nice graphs if I get enough to represent anything meaningful!

Thanks for stopping by.


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