Best Android Apps part 2

image The music app. A simple, basic looking interface with some really nice features and functions. Access to pretty much any musical releases of the last century, a solid audio player and an accompanying subscription service giving the user the ability to ‘Borrow’ up to 200 tracks for later listening. These borrowed tracks can be exchanged or ‘Returned’  anytime, offering a little variation to the user’s Library.


There is the ability to send or share tracks with others, hence the ‘Inbox’ item in the Library.

The GUI is adequate, maybe more in keeping with ICS than Jellybean or Kitkat with the bland colour scheme. could benefit greatly from more theming or indeed a theme selection maybe, I think with more eyecandy this app could be a real winner. At least until Beats Music is available in the UK if it ever will be.


It won’t win any beauty contests, but is a solid app with solid basic features and some excellent online features added.


The streaming ‘Radio’ service is quite decent, my only niggle is unless you have the top level subscription you can only skip tracks forward. This is a huge pain if you skip too quickly as you will most likely never come across the same again without a specific search for it.

Subscription prices range from £1.49 to £13.99 (less if purchased from Bloom’s website), allowing from 20 to 200 Borrowed tracks depending which you get.


All in all a nice app and service, just needs a slight graphical overhaul to bring it in to 2014.



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