Best Android apps Part 3


Volshutter is a decent camera replacement app, it doesn’t look too fancy or perform particularly exceptionally, but it does allow the use of the volume key(s) as a shutter button – This alone makes it incredibly useful on the thousands of handsets that are without such a basic function (moto G I’m looking at you).


It has all the basic features of the standard android camera app minus the on-screen shutter button which, it must be said is the bane of many a camera phone. Introducing the shake factor to many otherwise good photos along the way.

The resulting images are as good as the standard camera app, but its a lot easier to hold steady when using a hardware key than it is to hold steady while touching the screen. This could prove invaluable on handsets with no OIS (Optical Image Stabilisation) chip – which at present is most of them. My one thought on possible improvement was, could the Power button be used? It could I’m sure, but root access would definitely be needed as the buttons true function would have to be temporarily disabled in order to perform the task, this makes it a fair bit less attractive to the mainstream user.    



ACDisplay is a sort of Lockscreen replacement app, very simply it displays incoming notifications in a simple but very unique and beautiful way.


As the app requires access to pretty much everything and replaces the standard lockscreen (unless u press the power button when ACDisplay lights up then press it again for standard lockscreen, handy to access widgets), the user is required to activate the service and confirm access rights on first run.


This is what you will see on screen when you recieve a notification, apparently it mimics the Moto X Active Display feature closely. I couldn’t comment on that but it is quite nice. You get the time it takes for the ring to disappear to deal with it or the phone snoozes again.


A swipe up of the ring gives you a quick view of the notifications received, swipe up again to the notification you wish to deal with and the relevant app will be launched quickly. Its quite sublime in action, whilst being simple, clear and pretty. I will be using this on every handset I own in future, unless its a Moto X of course.





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