Best android apps Part 4


MyBackup is simply my favourite backup app. Its annoying that an active data connection is required to successfully launch it, but with the state of piracy these days constant license checks are the best weapon a software dev has, so it is somewhat understandable.

There is MyBackup Root which I would choose if I had Root access, but I no longer feel the need to meddle and its not desperately necessary these days. Android has come a long, long way.

I’ve never used the ‘Cloud’ backup facility, for the basic reason that if I ever need to factory reset my phone I would like to be able to get it all back without redownloading all of my apps and syncing large amounts of data each time. It would seem like a double bust.


MyBackup (once authenticated) will quickly copy any data you wish from your current setup. App apk’s (with or without their data), Contacts, Messages, Calendar events, Call logs and even system settings are all available for backup to the ‘rerware/mybackup’ folder on your SD or internal storage. These backups can be installed directly from the app or using any filemanager app, the individual .apk files of apps can be moved or installed as required.


A nice reliable backup app, whether you have root or not MyBackup succeeds where others fail. And what’s more its essentially free.

If you have a better backup app in mind, please comment like most other humans I’m always learning.



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