Here’s the £15 Firefox smartphone — and why it exists

Here’s the £15 Firefox smartphone — and why it exists –


For such a low price, the ZTE Open C is a VERY nice handset. I’ve used a couple of ZTE devices (Blade aka Orange San Francisco, Blade 2) and have always been impressed with the quality of the hardware and almost stock software. Plus they were a modder’s delight’s with a lot of dev support and custom ROM’s a plenty. Whilst being dumped on 2.3 Gingerbread and left for dead by Orange, my San Fran was last seen running 4.1.2 Jellybean superbly.

The FireFox OS from my limited use, was pretty limited but not entirely ugly and to be fair, for a fledgling mobile OS to take off these days with Android and iOS the juggernauts that they are, it simply has to be amazing. Add to that the availability of an easy-flash Jellybean Rom and the ZTE Open C is set to be a FireFox OS Free Zone for many if not most of its users.

The dual-core 1Ghz runs 4.2 surprisingly well and for those who don’t know, invisible Back and Menu capacitive keys are there either side of the central ‘O’ home key. It really is worth every penny of the <£20 is sells for new. The only gripe I had is that it was next to impossible to root the device so no Google Play Store and apps must be sideloaded through micro SD.

My flashing days are well behind me so I would probably blame myself for that.


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