Earbud Test


Monster ibeats by Dre £24.99 New eBay
£28.99 – £38.00 Amazon
After reading some bad reviews mainly over the inline control, I had my reservations but I will never understand how people could say they are poor or even bad quality. The actual ear pieces are like a pair of bullets crafted to accept speaker drivers and rubber tips, I for one love their weight and build, and I take it as a sign of quality they would feel at home with an iPhone.

I wanted these to partner the One M7 I recently purchased and I am glad I did, it’s not a huge difference but it is significant. Comparing them to a sony set and the Galaxy S4/S5 bundled Samsung set, the ibeats shone through in bass and depth of sound.


The Samsung set are a really good pair of earbuds, nice fit inside and outside of the ear canal with great allround quality and quantity of sound. Just lacking in depth compared to the ibeats.

I believe I have been lured in by the advertising and the whole ‘if Dr. Dre would put his name on them…’ Idea, but I also instantly had high expectations for the product too because of those two factors. I have already rubbished some of the comments I read claiming poor, bad and even ‘rubbish’ quality. I was maybe expecting thicker or flat cables (and the joins of the cables will be the weak points), but they will do. If they were the top end beats I would expect slightly better, but saying they are “rubbish” is just plain wrong.


Third prize for quality but costing around 1/4 of the other two, the Sony’s are best used for tv, casual gaming or movie watching as the output from them is very flat and lifeless I wouldn’t recommend for music.


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