A Galaxy full of Stars

In the past two weeks I have used the Galaxy tab 4 7inch, the s3 mini and now the original Galaxy Note. All now go for around the same price used.

I would personally be happy with any of these three on a more than temporary basis, but the Note is preferable overall. Despite being the odd 1 out the dual-core s3 mini is a totally reliable little device but as expected it falls down where a big screen wins through. If like me, you view media on your phone or a decent game, you will want more.


Tab4 struggled to run GTRacing 2 as does the Note but it is at least playable on the latter.


I also had a brief spell with the Galaxy Tab S, a superbly made 8 inch slate in white with gold edging and accents mimmicking the Galaxy S5. Firstly I have to say this is the most beautiful and impossibly thin tablet I have ever looked at at just over 6mm I mean thin is an understatement.

The device either has a Snapdragon chip (highly preferable) or Samsung’s own Exynos Octa-core, I had the Exynos. I was completely shocked to find it lags a fair bit even doing basic things like flicking through settings pages and home screens. That is ridiculous and I quickly put it aside and moved on.


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