Still third in the three horse race?

I’ve been with android since version 1.5, I skipped version 1.0 and the Google G1 as I considered it greatly over priced at the time. With android ‘L’ the OS has reached a pinnacle in design and functionality only found in highend pc’s until recently. Previous to android I used a few of the early phones from Nokia, 1 or 2 from Motorola and siemens and a couple of Windows Mobile “Pocket PC”s I believe HP and Sharp were to blame for those lol. I ended my non android days with the first and second (the 3g) generation iPhones.

Windows Mobile for me was always more of a concept or a businessmans dream, than a fully useful product.

Xperia X1 originally with WinMo 6

The hardware just wasn’t capable of a decent windows experience on the go until the mid to late 90’s, with the first efforts being jumped up calculators costing hundreds and using monochrome displays.

HTC Universal running WinMo 5

Even winmo version 6 was lightyears behind the first iphone when that surfaced but then so was everything. But what about now?

Its actually very, very usable and for the most part a pleasant experience to do so.

Lumia 520 running Windows 'Cyan'

But, and I have found with Windows Phone there is always a but, the few apps which actually have a version for windows phone, that version is almost always missing features and often have substandard design and therefore usability is seriously affected. The Facebook and Whatsapp apps are strong examples of the failings in Windows Phone currently.

Overall I enjoyed my month with Windows Phone for the change mostly, in trying to accomplish everyday tasks I found I often had to find workarounds like in whatsapp to send a soundclip, there are 3 or 4 steps to do to accomplish this 1 task. After the novelty of having to think when doing simple tasks wears off, I quickly found that its just not worth the hassle owning a Nokia or now called ‘Lumia’ phone. The nice hardware just isn’t enough.

I’m now on my 6th or 7th android since my month of Lumia’s 730 and 520. And once again loving it 🙂

via WordPress for Android as Windows Phone has no decent WordPress client LOL



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