Xperia Z Ultra

The best device I have had the pleasure of using, the Phone/Tablet ‘Phablet’ with 6.4 inches of Full HD Bravia-ness, almost impossibly thin for its size and very very well made.

Can be bought for around a third of its original price these days, sumtimes less. And at those prices it is one of the best buys around.

Its 2.4gHz Snapdragon 800 blitzs GTRacing 2 one of the most demanding games on the Play store, this has become a personal benchmark of mine if it cant run this game its not for me. The 2gb ram even allows multitasking of the most cpu intensive apps such as a movie and the aforementioned game, with many other apps also running simultaneously.  Its all so easily done on the Z Ultra its power is sorely missed when switching to another device.

Looking forward to owning an Android L device at some point in the near future.


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