Battlefield Hardline Xbox 360


Mixed feelings about the game, aspects to love and hate. One thing I can say with certitude is that ‘Battlefield’ Hardline is not a patch on BF4 and judging on the player numbers I’ve experienced, I’m not alone in this thinking. In fact I have sold my copy on after less than a week, all these factors make for a shakey future in my view.


I MUST firstly comment on the single player episodic campaign, which I enjoyed immensely over the 4 hours and a bit it took to finish the 10 episodes. The graphics are simply superb often movie like, its easy to see the quality of the franchise shining through here. The story is highly predictable but well executed, actually I prefer the single player on Hardline to that of BF4. It’s that good.

My gripes are with the multiplayer offering, I’m rank 99 on BF4 after barely 6 months on the game so I’m no slouch on these things generally and I was hooked on the Beta for the week in February this year reaching 40 rank by the end of that week. But since the full launch, the game seems to have changed a fair bit and now how well a player does is judged by internet connection speed not by skill.

Countlessly emptying full magazines into people only to be dropped by 2 shots from an SMG from a half a mile away, giving 3 hits from .44 magnum only to be killed by a single shotgun blast from a hundred metres away. Kind of gets you down after a few days.

So yes loved it offline, loathed it online 4 days was enough to make me decide its not for me, multiplayer is the most important part in terms of replay value and overall fun anyway. At least having paid £44.99 for the standard edition, I have something to reclaim some money with unlike the poor peeps who bought the Premium edition from Xbox live.


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