My Top Apps of 2015 (so far)


Superb UI, plays everything without downloading a 130+ megabyte ‘all-in-one’ codec pack (I’m looking at you mxplayer). The outstanding feature of VLC android for me, is the MHL (micro usb to hdmi) output screen, the seek bar doesn’t work but at least it allows the phones screen to rest where most require both screens to be active (Archos and again, mxplayer) which is just pointless.

Microsoft OneDrive and MSN Sport

I like these mainly because of the UI, they are both pretty apps in my opinion. Equally at home regardless of screen size or indeed operating system. Both have uncluttered interfaces whilst being feature packed. I would add Whatsapp for these reasons but it isn’t available on pc’s without workarounds.




If you are fortunate enough to have one of the few phones still packing an Infra Red transmitter, the best remote I have found is ZappIR. The full version costs £3.99 but the app maker is generous enough to allow virtually unlimited use,  provided you are willing to watch a 15 second ad each day, and hey 15 seconds is nothing right? I could not find any other app capable of controlling my Huawei YouView box except this one instantly making it a hit. The UI is superb whilst being distinctly retro, each remote has multiple screens for different functions allowing for a less cluttered appearance.


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