£50 Windows 8.1 tablet PC


The Aoson R83c is a super-budget 8 inch tablet running a full Windows 8.1 OS. It has a quad core Intel Atom ‘Baytrail’ cpu at 1.33ghz with Intel HD on-board graphics powering the 8 inch 1280×800 resolution screen. 1gb of RAM and 16gb of storage (just under 10gb useable). A metal back and micro SD slot along with micro USB and an OTG adapter.

Firstly I must mention that this tablet cost just £42.50 DELIVERED. Used but superb condition.

The screen is superb. 720p is not a lot of HD these days, but it is equal to most if not all tablets I have used costing around the £100 mark. The new price for this tablet is £69.99 so I was shocked at the quality overall, the screen being the first surprise. The second surprise is how well it runs, for a device with such a low price the system is entirely smooth and lag free. 1080p movies look beautiful and play great , albeit the Windows 8 video player was incredibly slow and did not even load so I switched to my free desktop favourite in Media Player Classic-Home Cinema (mpc-hc). Even Vlc from the Windows app store would not give full screen 1080p video, which came as a big surprise also as most people know how good Vlc generally is. Sound is a bit of a gripe, or volume and the lack thereof to be more specific. But I wud not of expected full HD video to even play without stuttering on a device at this price point so It is liveable.

The Windows App store limited as it still is, has some decent offerings Modern Combat 5: Blackout for example is an amazing game, uninstalled only through lack of joypad support. Playing with a keyboard and the old WSAD keys is apparently an option, an undesirable one to a console gamer such as myself, but an option nonetheless. And judging by how smoothly the game ran on this device, I would concur it would handle pretty much any game on the app store without issue. I wouldn’t expect full-on Windows games to work as they all require quality graphics cards, but for the mobile-esque games on the store it’s more than fine.

The biggest complaint I have read from users of this tablet is the lack of storage, only 10gb useable is quickly swallowed up by apps and updates due to the full desktop nature of them. A micro SD card or USB Hdd/flash stick will give you somewhere for media, but not apps or updates so I would agree this could end up being a major concern.

This tablet will still have most if not all android tablets bested in some areas as it retains the productivity options only found on desktop pc’s such as being able to connect a printer for one, or run the full version of office for another example. It even has the benefits of a capacitive Windows button which even similar tablets by Acer do not have, overall it is a superb device.


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