Sony Smartwatch 2 (SW2)


The SW2 May be last gen but its still more than useful for those looking for something other than the miriad of ‘android wear’ watches. I managed to pick mine up for a measly £35 from eBay and I consider it a bargain as the metal band alone is still sold at £15 it also came with a brown leather band and had screen protector already applied.


The apps are admittedly slightly limited by today’s standards, but it still has plenty to offer from a full web browser to a fitness program or two, the ability to respond to messages it recieves and even a really playable version of the Nokia classic ‘Snake’ game built in!


All in all at £35 with black steel and brown leather straps, it’s a total bargain. Watch faces are dwindling as many JJW designs have been removed entirely from the whole internet for copyright reasons (Tag Heuer designs especially) and the ones that remain just aren’t up to scratch in my opinion.


I like this android logo’d design but again like so many others it’s just a tad boring. I have turned to Maximus Watch Faces Pro (99p Play Store), it’s chock full of custom clocks and widgets enabling you to build the face you want to see. The developer is a kind and helpful guy who answers emails very quickly, a somewhat rare breed in my experience. The app is updated frequently and houses probably the best SW2 faces on the entire Store.


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