Thl T6s and T6 Pro


‘Technology Happy Life’ or thl as they are possibly better known, is a small Chinese company producing some better than average smartphones for a less than average price.


It is almost impossible to see the difference between the T6 Pro and T6s handsets without venturing into the About Phone section of the settings menu or pulling down the notification bar. The only obvious  difference is that the T6s oddly has official 5.0 android lollipop, whilst the more powerful T6 Pro has been left with Kitkat 4.4.2. Not that it’s much of a deal breaker by way of performance, but if like me you embraced the ‘material design’ UI then you will be less than impressed and will no doubt resort to the same or similar launcher replacement as I have employed in the above picture, or attempt some home recovery/custom ROM flashing there are a few available. The pictured T6s is unchanged.


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