HTC One M8 apps

1. SURE Universal Remote


Superb app to make use of the M8’s IR blaster. When I was using an M7 not so long ago I would of rained the praise on Zap IR Remote as that was the best on that handset. Zap does not run on my O2 M8 on Android 6.0 whether or not the app has issues with Marshmallow in general is as yet unknown, but in searching for an alternative I tried SURE and so far I am astounded by how much better it is than Zap.


The UI for a kickoff is just night and day, while Zap had some awful retro grey block creation whilst SURE uses a clean, modern and feature packed use of your screen real estate. And the biggest advantage of SURE in my opinion is that I am not asked to cough up $10 every other time I use the app. It’s superb.




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