Moto Genius 3 ??

I just picked up the third update to a phone I’ve written about before, the original Moto G was inspiring to me as it felt like a landmark handset. By that I mean it was a high quality phone highly accessible to many for possibly the first time without a contract.


From the detailed spec sheet above, its clear the evolution of this handset has been slightly slower than lets say the Samsung ‘S’ line, where a new model is released now almost every six months. But, consider the veritable mountain of money Samsung spends to make it possible and its easy to see how the last three or four releases at least can be so overpriced, with them now reaching a $700 price point.

Android was originally celebrated for bringing a better experience at a better price than what was available at the time, I find it slightly strange now that android users are so happy to fork out so much, often even surpassing Apple’s modern prices.

The Moto G3 has indeed increased in retail price over the three iterations so far. The increase from 2013 to 2015 in shop price is a mammoth £20-£30 and for that amount, the upgrades seem incredible value just as the outlay for the original phone was.



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