The Nexus 6 after 18 months

I feel lucky to say I just grabbed this from an online auction for the princely sum of £79.80 as it has a few small cracks in the front glass along the top. The damage is completely minimal and it almost instantly became one of my favourite handsets ever. It is also to date the most powerful device I have owned with it’s 2.7ghz Snapdragon 805 and 3gb RAM. I find it a lot like the Xperia Z Ultra in terms of aesthetics, though there are obvious pros and cons to each over one another.

To start with Quick charge is superb the phone is full, from an off/dead state, in about 80mins that to me is pretty amazing. I can’t imagine it’s too good for batteries but damn it’s useful for now.

Design Language

Motorola, aside from HTC, have to be both one of the earliest mobile phone manufacturers and one of my personal favourites. Going back to the earliest handsets I owned a D170 flip among others, and I then understood why the metropolitan police used Motorola for all their mobile communications as the quality of the hardware and resulting signal strength was second to none at the time. I can only recall Sony Ericsson and Siemens being decent in those times of dot matrix screens and antennas though back then it was all so new it was easy to be awestruck.

It’s pretty clear that the thickness, or rather the thin-ness of a device is important to motorola.

While Quick charge as previously mentioned, is great, I originally found battery life to be a little lacking in longevity. I have since disabled the Google Hotword detection when screen off and this has had a dramatic effect and I can now get about a day and a half with standard usage. It’s night and day it really is and for someone who prefers to type queries rather than speak them there is no sacrifice to make.

Another viewpoint on this superb handset.


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