Moto G⁴

⁴ A new King is born

I Received my new Moto G today had to move on from the slippery behemoth that is the Nexus 6. So far it is the nicest phone I have used, ever. Yes it doesn’t have a premium build like a HTC or a qhd screen like a samsung, but it’s the first octa-core I’ve had and that’s gotta be better right?
For the £159 sim-free or £12-£14 a month contract price, it’s performance and quality internals far outway it’s average build quality. As confirmed by every review I’ve read so far.
The only real gripe I can think of is the cheapness of the overall aesthetics, it is so light I feel I could snap it easily. For a phone that is in the same league if not better than the £200-£400+ HTC A9 I for one am not griping. Of course the A9 has an extra gig of ram and has a beautiful all metal body, but it’s half inch smaller -but no better screen, identical cpu and camera mean the Moto G⁴ wins in my mind every time. I’m a massive HTC fan but I just wouldn’t pay the extra for a smaller, heavier handset just because it’s HTC that would be nostalgic suicide for me and my bank balance.

It’s hard to believe the little Moto G of old has evolved into a Galaxy Note sized beast of a phone, and I simply am stunned at what is classed as entry level.

Pixel Launcher on my 2nd G⁴

UPDATE Nov 28 2016: No nougat update as of yet, I’ve discovered the microphone does not work during calls. So for now I am forced to make all calls in loudspeaker mode or buy a headset which I will hate to wear for long or often. I have also found a huge problem with my goto mobile game GT Racing 2 it has become unplayable through what I assume to be software lag. I’ve played this game on phones with half the power of this,  is it that the adreno 405 is horrible or the snapdragon 617 is at fault? I’ve played the game on a THL T6 Pro (mediatek octa-core) and no problems at all.

Hopefully the answer comes to light.


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