New Play Store app picks

3D Parallax Background by Vinwap £1.69

This is the most recent app I came across clicking an advert while watching an Unbox Therapy episode on YouTube. I never imagined that clicking an Ad could ever lead to anything but scams or rubbish. I really like the quality and effect of depth it gives using three layer images and there are many great ones preinstalled and a wide variety of community made “themes” as they are titled in app, also available to download. If you are feeling creative you can even upload your own.

I know it’s not a new concept but my experience of 3d in phone’s was LG’s Optimus 3d and HTC’s early effort the Evo 3d. Both were pretty clunky lumps of plastic at best with software to match. In hindsight of course, at the time, Asphalt 5 on the O3d…for days.

N Launcher by CraftsApp Team FREE

If you happen to have an android phone that isn’t a pixel, but you would like it to be, by all means install Pixel Launcher by Google for the closest visual emulation at least. For the rest of us, maybe you like the software aspect of the phone but wouldn’t spend that kind of money even if you had it.

Personally I would like to try one, I’ve always enjoyed the Nexus devices I own (the 5, 5x the 6, 6P and the 7) and often lusted after the newer models in YouTube unboxing, web blogs and various retail apps. But then I would probably sell it on as in my opinion the cost is just not warranted, with the options we have today it just isn’t.

Anyway the Launcher as I was saying, it’s as good as any launcher I’ve tried over the years it’s 23mb so quite light no bloat or annoying, obtrusive ads.

N Launcher is in my opinion the best option to get the latest stock android look and feel when Googles own software is not an option and when coupled with the Pixel icon pack (free) its a complete look. There is a PRO version of the N Launcher for £2 you can remove the Ads (not that they are ever a problem here) and have a few extra options.

The Icon Pack incidentally, is 48mb. Gotta love those crisp material graphics though.


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