The new, luxurious budget King.

So after having very little to write about for almost a year, I return with the Moto G5 in gold of all colours. It’s the basic model, Snapdragon 430, 16gb+2gb affair.

Considering I’ve read repeatedly that this year’s Moto G is a downgrade in the CPU department, it is such a smooth experience, multitasking and indeed multiwindow are superb. Holding the square navigation button switches the current app to the top half of the screen and brings up the Open apps cards to scroll, close or fill the bottom half of the screen with. Now the mobile phone has reached a pinnacle only before met by full blown PC’s.

Obviously the newer Adreno 430 in the G5 is making up for the lower CPU clock speed over last year’s G4, and the Android 7.0 software just seals the deal I can only see a downgrade in screen size and that was my main reason for parting with it, I found it just too big for a jeans pocket and who wears a jacket all the time?

Yes it’s mostly gold painted plastic with a metal frame, but Motorola have done a good job at making the G5 at least look the part. And then you have to pick it up and use it, often. After a decent 2 hours using it I’m very impressed, although the my main concern was that after hearing it had gone back to a 5 inch screen, it would be nothing more than a cheap copy of the narrow HTC M8 (or M8S as it is still an octa core or even the M9) with a fingerprint scanner.
It isn’t. Yes it’s cheaper, it’s plastic masquerading as metal but being a slightly nostalgic Motorola fan I love the build and even the finish, it doesn’t feel expensive that much is true but I think it has to be the best value way to get pure modern Google without the Pixel pricetag.

The only niggle I have with Pixel launcher is that after so many year’s with that bottom central circle of dots, I don’t know what to put in its place and whatever I put there looks out of place 😦

It’s a small, even ridiculous gripe but it’s the little things. On a more serious note the battery has some really good longevity between charges, I’m currently still working on the 47% the battery had on first insertion. It’s been 4 hours screen on roughly and I’m at 26%.

It’s two weeks later and it’s been great, the single speaker is surprisingly decent and that 3000mah battery is excellent, giving me a good 5-6 hours of mxplayer blasting music at twice the normal volume (often with screen on) 4g for an hour 


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