Still love HTC.

Recently I acquired a HTC One a9 and at first I thought, woah it’s long! I mean it’s almost as long as some phones with 5.5″ screens. It’s typical of HTC’s recent builds, narrow. But now because of the fingerprint scanner the ‘chin’ is huge. The forehead also seems larger than ever. 

It’s also a double kicker as now we have no boomsound. What on earth were they thinking? Apart from the full metal jacket (lol) quality, HTC’s sound has to be the reason to own ‘One’ (Sorry). Let’s face it, the Blinkfeed entwined launcher is getting like Samsung’s “Touchwhizz” nonsense, cluttered with unnecessary options and bland icons that never get any prettier. Often HTC phones have been questioned in the camera department. The hardware is always very nicely finished yes but when dropped 9 times out of 10 the screen will take almost all of the damage as it is the weakest link, and HTC phones are not known for their water resistant properties so what else is there? 

My nostagia for times of old probably is to blame for drawing me back to a HTC over and over again subconsciously. To me the a9 makes me think of an older model that’s simply been steamrollered. I’ve never questioned build quality with a HTC phone before but the a9 just doesn’t feel premium like the last 4 or 5 generations of handset. Sure it’s sturdy and nice in the hand but it’s merely adequate, not like with the M7 and M8 where the direction was clear and many reviewers raved about the boldness and quality. 

It’s an evolution I guess as with most product lines, the U11 looks stunning and I will look to get One soon. There is just no way this device is worth close to £100 more than the Moto G5 it just isn’t. Yes it was great getting the Nougat update as soon as I turned it on as it changed the hideous onscreen navigation buttons to the much preferred Triangle, Circle, square. Why not have them either side of the scanner or at least include the option? Ridiculous. HTC why can’t I lock the device by a longpress on the fingerprint scanner – with ANY finger or infact at all? I really can’t see where the extra money has gone the internals are the same, resolution the same. But the Moto G5 is I’d say, the better looking handset whilst also being more functional and lighter on software, with a removable battery.
We move on as I still like HTC’s tech, and occasionally the software they produce too. I would still like to see a watch from them honestly but I fear that will not happen in my lifetime if indeed HTC manage to outlive me that is, as I feel they may be trying to recoup losses by overpricing things as with the One a9 here.

Nougat Launcher is now my default when Pixel Launcher is not an option.


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