To begin with I was not happy when I read that I wouldn’t be trying the HiFi DAC I’d heard about in the early review’s as I am in the UK. No wireless charging either, and to be honest for how much the handset costs that really annoys me. The second annoyance was that after over an hour of system updates (3 seperate updates each between 400mb and 600mb) the relatively new LG G6 remains at android 7.0. Still it seems LG haven’t bucked up their ideas on the update front from the Optimus days and that saddens me even more.

So, that aside after the 40% battery drain caused by my initial setting up of the device, making me think the battery isn’t great (It actually is quite decent). I have to say the LG G6 is growing on me.

2 weeks later and it’s mostly good. Battery life is still great, a day easily and im on it alot. My main gripe with it now being that I dropped it from 4 or 5 inches off ground (albeit onto rough concrete/chippings), when I was sitting on a curb at work during breaktime. The metal frame is now chipped in three places as is the glass screen protector, which instantly degrades the overall feel of using the phone. Don’t know why but I somehow thought it’s price meant it would take such a small drop with no ill effects at all.

December 2017: LG are at it again, an update over 1gb in size, takes the LG G6 from android 7.0 to… Android 7.0 annoyingly. It really stuns me that a company release hardware like this and immediately put it out to pasture without meaningful software updates, essentially killing its chances of survival before it has even lived.

My Nexus 5x has just updated to 8.1, I know LG is not Google, but having worked so closely with the search giant in making some of its best hardware, not to mention the vastly overpriced nature of the UK G6 hardware, I kind of hoped for better. I’ve seen the G5 being sold for around £100 lately so I can safely assume that bombed aswell. Probably for similar reasons.

Youtube just updated their app 18th Jan 2018, we now have a pinch to fill ability to take adavantage of the new 18:9 aspect ratio.

Cue sigh of relief…finally.

27.01.2018; Another 532mb security patch. Still 7.0.

10.02.2018; I have never dropped a phone as much as I’ve dropped the LG G6. I guess using it for work, (manual labour at a cold store), and it being one hell of a slippery slab of glass and metal is a bad combination and with an original price of £649, this could get expensive very easily.

I’ve already mentioned the damage I’ve done to it during the first couple of months use, as I stuck a glass protector on it straight away the screen should be still sound. The back has not been so fortunate with opposing corners top and bottom both suffering small shatter marks and extensive cracking. Some shards of glass have fell out from the bottom right corner and on one occasion I reached in my front left pocket to get as usual and cut my hand doing so. A first for me with a phone.

I have since filled and repaired whilst lightly glazing the other damage with an epoxy. I had to do something, right?

I had (previous to the damage), already bought a glass protector for the rear camera lenses from China for around £3 as I noticed very quickly the glass around the lenses was getting majorly scuffed just from my jeans pocket it is ridiculous. I chose a white protector. Soon I will be looking at protectors for the protectors. Joke.

Decided the only way I can bare to continue using my three (YES, only 3) month old LG G6 is to slap a skin on it, supplied by extremeskins.co.uk I chose a matt white skin with logo cutout and I have to say it has greatly improved the situation and my feelings towards this handset, I didn’t do the best of jobs putting it on either and it still looks ok to me. The damage to the metal frame I can do little to nothing about and this will bother me until I leave the G6 for good.

Ideally I would like the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 to replace the LG G6, it’s a great phone but the negatives are ever growing whilst the company won’t even give the phone meaningful updates. My latest complaint is fast charging no longer works period. I’m using the in box plug and cable same as always and nope. Trickle charging from now on then, great. And no wireless charge either of course I remember now.

Quite sure I will never choose an LG phone again, I hear they are scaling back on phone releases anyway now hopefully they will stick to TV’s.

May 28th 2018: We finally have some Oreo action on the LG G6!! I am stunned. Just as my Huawei P20 arrives no less! I had a big problem with it that meant it was in a cupboard for a couple of days, as in because the usb C port was defective I could no longer plug it into the computer for file transfer. I elected to simply remove the micro SD when needed which led to the sim tray cracking which led to piece of the tray frame stuck in the phone. Got the new tray stuck it in phone restarts, I’m greeted with the update notification.

Im stuck with it for a while again now, because I refuse to take the P20 to work after what I’ve done to the G6, which if you really think about it means I do actually love this phone despite our fallouts its abit like a marriage. I’ve stuck with it for coming up to a year and although it’s replacement is already on the scene the G6 has been there for me fast, reliable and small on size but big on screen.


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