HMD Global Nokia 5

Ah, where to begin. Having spent the last two months (at least), attempting to eek some positives’ from the highly disappointing LG G6 (besides the new screen which frankly every OEM is doing now). And coming to the conclusion that there are few to none, unless you are a diehard fan of LG phones.

The Nokia 5 reminds me a lot of the great 2015 Lumia phones the OEM from Finland used to make for Microsoft, who inturn would ruin them with seriously limited software with limited support, and sell them. Most of my phones in my late teens/early twenties were made by Nokia, as they were the best. Best for signal strength, best for call quality and best for innovation. From the XpressOn Covers to The Original mobile game Snake.

Nokia 7110 suicide flip ‘Matrix phone’

Those Lumia phones were of course less refined than the latest Nokia handsets, mostly plastic even at the high end.

Fast forward 2 years and it really feels like Nokia could be back, again. What it is that makes the Nokia 5 different from say the Moto G5, is really the quality that has been achieved for the same price point. I did prefer the fingerprint sensor on the Motorola but apart from that it’s the Nokia all the way.

The boys are back in town?

I read reviews claiming poor battery life and long load times, but as with Motorola I always like to see first hand what these two giants of the industry are putting out.

Due to the limitations of Microsoft’s mobile OS the Lumia lineup never really thrived but I was always thinking why can’t they just stick android on them?

Nokia paved the way in the late 90’s

Well now they are doing with the Nokia 3, 5 and 6 with the Nokia 7 and 7+ on the horizon. And unlike the poor Nokia X ‘experiment’ where creating a super-heavily skinned branch of the android tree did not help to re-establish the company (the hardware was slightly underpowered though if memory serves me correctly), this time Nokia have boarded the pure android train here where I can only think they should have been a long time ago.

We have Android Oreo 8.0 onboard already, beating a fair few larger OEMs to do so on a phone costing a third of some of their flagships. Nokia quality oozes from every line on the Nokia 5, a single piece off aluminium much preferred to the layer on layer of polycarbonate we are used to from Nokia over recent years.

A smooth ride it has not been, seems like as much as Nokia have tried to avoid Android, the more fate has spoken. The new phones are running pure android. No skins, launchers or branching of the OS and for this I am thankful. Once more, after 15 years I have a Nokia in my pocket and am proud to say so.


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