About the Blog

@ndroidlove2014mobilemoguls is a place for the phone and tech fan but with a focus on the lower priced devices that are often overlooked but are more accessible to the everyday user.

My current device is the super-affordable £59 brand new Motorola E very very capable and Really well made yet again, but almost HALF the price of the previous model its truly special and worthy of anyone’s attention.

Moto E 4.4.4 out of the box for £59!

Check out your local Tesco or Tesco Extra. Immediately! And eBay for a £1.50 SIM unlock code.


Home Cinema is always in the top two of my list of interests, quite tricky to achieve worthwhile results on a budget.
Good projectors are available in abundance for £50-£60 on eBay it’s just a case of looking at native resolution and remaining or used bulb hours as these often cost £100+ to replace.

A10 Android Box <£30

HD DVD Lives!

Thanks and Regards,

Contact: androidlove@gmx.co.UK

A selection of my collection.





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